Our Product Range

We produce custom-designed, hand-tufted and machine tufted carpets for our customers, created specially to meet your requirements. It can range from a specific colour to match an interior, to a traditional / personalized pattern or any advanced textile designs.
We even make sophisticated artistic decorations, such as a textile artwork for Floors rugs and wall hanging. These are rugs that require the utmost sensitivity and precision from our craftspeople.
Manufactured from the highest quality raw materials, they are the perfect custom made carpets and rugs for palaces, hotels and resorts, corporate offices, public buildings, private homes and private yachts.
We offer variety of carpets based on sizes like Wall-to-Wall perfect fits, Area Rugs and Custom Carpets as required by the Customers.

Key Features

Eco-friendly: We only use renewable materials in our carpets offering natural fibres from 100% wool to pure silk, and fully biodegradable elements such as cotton backing and natural latex.

Made to Plan: With no fixed widths, all of our carpets are made to plan to fit any sizes. If you have an area, which is not square like an L shaped landing, staircases or walkways, we can make your carpet to fit the shape you require.

Custom Colours: Be it an existing carpet colour or matching to a fabric colour used elsewhere in the scheme, our carpets are available in custom colours. We use the whole spectrum of colours and designs in our hand-tufted carpets.

Custom Designs: We offer different designs, like, Animal Design, Kids pattern, Modern or Contemporary , Persian Design or Traditional design or can also be in Shaped rugs (round, square, rectangle or cut shape)

Patterns/Structure: An infinite variety of structures is available; cut pile, loop pile, different combinations of textures, pile heights and carving to give a three dimensional look.

Raw Materials: We always use one of the world’s best wools from New Zealand, which is also the biggest wool exporter in the world. This wool unique to New Zealand, is 100% natural and offers consistent quality.

Our Showroom

Gulf Carpet Factory invites you to visit us at our new showroom at Salwa Road. There, you will find hundreds of samples of all type of carpets, plus our sales and design consultants to help you make the right choice for your project.

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