Our Design Capabilities

Our design team is always on hand to assist you in making your ideas become reality. All you have to do is tell us about your project and your ideas for the carpet.
An infinite variety of designs and structures is available; cut pile, loop pile, different combinations of textures, pile heights and carving to give a three dimensional look that will transform your carpet into an exclusive and unique work of to enhance the beauty of its surroundings.
Quite simply, combining the right carpet design with the right furniture, fabrics and lighting creates the kind of special interior that will inspire guests to come back again and again.
Our ability to combine thoughtful design with experience and technical knowledge allows us to deliver high performance floor coverings that will take your breath away.
Whatever the requirement, our designers are there to deliver the perfect, innovative solution, backed by a level of creativity learned from many years of experience in working with architects and designers in the global hospitality industry.
We want to improve things that mean quality without compromise and function interwoven with a special design. Hence, we do not just follow trends, we set them and our carpets stand for durability and robustness.
We use only the best raw materials for our carpets. We rely on the fact that our products are made in New Zealand and are confident that it is quality that counts.
Anything is possible!!!
The only limit is that of the imagination. We use advanced manufacturing technology that gives you total design freedom – down to the tiniest detail. Free your mind!